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Step Ladders
One of the most basic forms of ladders is the stepladder. These ladders are usually made to be light and portable and have what the ladder industry calls an A-shape.

These ladders are made for jobs that are relatively close to the ground as the standing height of a typical 6-foot stepladder is from around 45 to 54 inches (standing height). Ladder tops and pail shelves can hold your tools and paint buckets.

While a stepladder can be a good choice for around the house, when used properly, they can also be dangerous if used improperly. Never use a stepladder on stairs, they are just not made for that.

Remember that a stepladder will have more flex and be less stiff than say a multiuse ladder would. They are usually designed to hold much less weight as well.

If you think that a stepladder is the right choice for you, then try our ladder brands page to find out which stepladder brand you should choose.